Soul Care for Spiritual Leaders

Help Us Care for Those Caring for Others

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Help Us Care for Those Caring for Others

Soul Care for Spiritual Leaders

Soul Care. Spiritual Leaders.

Spiritual leaders are among us. They're most easily spotted in the brightest and darkest moments of our lives. They celebrate with us in births, marriages, children's successes, and key moments of life. They grieve quietly by our side in death, disappointment, depression, and despair.

Spiritual leaders might be the person in our pulpit or in the church office. She might also be the social worker who refuses to give up on finding the right service for her client. She could be the director of a non-profit that's getting by on blood, sweat, tears, and the few dollars they can fundraise. He could be a student pastor. She could be the church's only female pastor.

Above all, spiritual leaders are fully PRESENT. Over time, that effort comes at great cost to the soul. Burnout is frequent. Loneliness and exhaustion are common. Eleven:28 provides soul care to these spiritual leaders. Through discernment groups for women in ministry, partnerships with church staffs, and group care for missionaries and ministers all over the world, Eleven:28 is caring for those who are caring for you in ways you may not even realize.

Join us in 2019 as w DISCOVER what the Spirit has in store for the present and future of Eleven:28. Come alongside us as we seek opportunities among the weary spiritual leaders among you. You need them more than you know. They need to be caring for their souls more than they know.

"Give to the point of joy," one of our constituents has said. We invite you into that posture

Thank you for your help as we keep spiritual leaders ready for the moment you don't expect, but which will always find you.