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The Post Pandemic Soul

What to Expect of Yourself, Your Relationships, and Your Church in 2021 and Beyond

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It's a Fresh Start for Ourselves, Our Relationships, and Our Churches

The world has changed. Trauma specialists say that the pandemic is unlike any other "disaster" in that we are in the trauma one would expect before, during, and after a disaster - all at the same time. What has that done to our souls?

How will relationships be different? Parenting? Friendships?

How will our churches be different? How might they choose to be different?

How is our mental health? And how can we proactively protect and improve it?

Will we use this moment in history to reconsider how our churches have marginalized and silenced women?

As we ask these questions, let's examine our own emotions, our actions, and our thoughts as our souls experience a different world - a post-pandemic world. We'll explore these questions even as we learn more about eleven:28's ongoing work among women working in churches. You'll watch the new mini-documentary eleven:28 has produced. You'll from those who've personally experienced the challenges of being a woman in ministry.

Help eleven:28 care for the souls of those women who are already in that space. Help us equip more women to stand exactly where they are intended to stand: central to God's ideal for Creation. Image bearers of God.

When you donate $500 or more OR become a recurring giver of $28 or more per month, you'll receive a special invitation to listen in to Joe and Suzanne Stabile as they pastor us through the changed landscape of relationships with parents, children, church members, family, and friends.