Join the Fight to Prevent Burnout and Build Resilience Through Soul Care

The pandemic has changed everything about caring for others.

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The pandemic has changed everything about caring for others.

Who Has Been Your Caregiver During the Pandemic?

Please join us in 2021. Like all of us, church leaders will need someone who can be present for them and lead them to the presence of God. Here's just a few opportunities the Spirit seems to be bringing our way.

  • Expanding opportunities to be present with women leading from their faith. Interest in our Covenant Groups has never been higher, and it's coming as much from women not on a church staff as from church staff. We must broaden our capacity to care for them and provide care that's bigger than before - more group leaders, new types of groups, other types of caregivers, and opportunities to gather with multiple groups in safe or virtual spaces.
  • Continue telling the stories of church leaders through our Glass Houses project. The four stories we’ve shown are only the beginning. We need multiple films to share what it’s like to be a woman in ministry, a senior minister, and a church leader in an isolated area.
  • Growing our capacity to connect the enneagram and soul care. Trey will begin extensive enneagram training this year so that we can connect more organizations with the enneagram - church staffs and perhaps beyond churches.

We've each felt the pain of not being able to be present with our loved ones. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and funerals have been altered, leaving our need for celebration and closure unmet. The welcome presence of God in those spaces is missing.

Pastors are finding new ways to be present with their congregants. Online worship services, live-streamed weddings, and virtual or social-distanced pastoral visits are the best attempt they can make to experience the presence of God with you in our current season. But these are just the changes you see.

Job descriptions are massively different, some of them light years away from what pastors enjoyed the most about their job. Some jobs are disappearing entirely. Budgets in many churches are drastically reduced or even frozen. None of these stop our spiritual caregivers from hungering to be present for us and thus finding creative ways to be present with us.

Eleven:28 has that same hunger. Our staff, women's group leaders, and spiritual directors are hungry to be present for those leading us in faith. We are hungry to present with them, too.

We are confident that our inability to be fully present with each other doesn't mean we can't be present FOR each other.

Help us be present for faith leaders working in churches, schools, non-profits, and healthcare facilities.

"The value of presence has never been more tangible than it is in these difficult days. As a leader, I’m constantly paying attention to who needs my presence now-even if it’s virtual. Eleven:28 gives me a regular, dedicated time to be present with God and with a cohort who shows up for me." --Dana Williams, non-profit leader

"My passion and enthusiasm was at a low point about continuing the work for Jesus and His church. Then terms like solitude, stillness, and experiencing the presence of Jesus came along and refreshed and restored my soul. It was an intervention. No one knows where I or so many of my peers would be without this little but so significant help at this time. So when the opportunity to give back to the work came, because I had received, I wanted others to be blessed and ministered too, also." -- Stanley Winters, Preaching Minister

We support 11:28 because my wife and I are passionate about caring for the emotional and spiritual health of pastors who are the front line workers for God’s Kingdom. 11:28 provides focused, loving support for pastors around the much more needed today as pastors shepherd their congregations through the pandemic and work so hard to navigate people to Jesus in a society that has drifted so far from God! --Clif and Becky Davis

I am very thankful to experience the peaceful, refreshing presence of the Lord with my covenant group sisters. Our 2020 meetings have been refreshing and encouraging -- virtual gatherings with the feeling of in-person presence. --Julie Dancer, non-profit leader